Our Story

The quote above is why we started AdSurfr. We love advertising! And we want everyone to love advertising as much as we do. However, in today’s digital society, advertisements have become a necessary evil that consumers tolerate rather than appreciate. Enter: AdSurfr.
AdSurfr was developed to showcase the value and power of ads by creating advertising experiences that shoppers enjoy. We use ads to entertain and inspire window shoppers who are searching for that special something.
At AdSurfr, we use ads to help people find their new favorite place to shop!

Our Mission

To create a place where
people love advertising.

Why We Love Advertising

Our crush on ads is simple – advertisements were created to help improve our lives. Ads offer valuable solutions to some of our most frustrating wants and needs. Along with informing shoppers of new brands and products, advertisements have the power to entertain and inspire consumers who are embarking on new shopping adventures.

AdSurfr combines these elements into a user controlled environment that allows window shoppers to quickly and easily search hundreds of ads to discover what they’ve been looking for. We believe that in a world where people love advertising, advertisements can be a fun and engaging experience.

Below are just a few experiences we aim to deliver:

  • Visually engaging window shopping experience using advertisements
  • Valuable information about brands and advertisements to help consumers shop faster and smarter
  • Easy-to-use search and filter navigation for fast window shopping and discovery
  • Trusted Advertiser Verification: Rigorous review of all advertisers, advertisements, and URLs
  • Coming Soon: ‘Sprees and Splurges’ Program

What is AdSurfr?

AdSurfr is a shopping discovery platform that creates a visually engaging window shopping experience by aggregating and organizing digital advertisements from across the web. Our mission is to create a place where people love advertising by delivering new advertising experiences that enhance the value of advertisements for shoppers.

AdSurfr attempts to make advertisements more useful to consumers by providing valuable shopping information about advertisers and their offers while allowing consumers to control their advertising experience – shoppers search and discover the brands, products, and services they want to see.

Ultimately, we create engaging advertisement experiences by transforming everyday ads into shopping adventures.

Partner with us

Our core values drive our day-to-day actions in the pursuit of creating a service that delivers unique and engaging experiences that offers value to our users.

These values reflect the intrinsic nature of our behavior and how we work with our partners.

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Leadership
  • Innovation

About the Team

We’re a team of advertising and marketing professionals who believe advertisements are awesome tools that help create engaging experiences. Combined we have over 10 years of experience in the entertainment and CPG industry at notable companies such as Procter & Gamble, Mattel, Ignited, and King.com. Most importantly, we believe in helping others. In this case, we intend to make the internet a better and more searchable place through advertisements. We hope you join us!