At AdSurfr, you’re not just advertising – you’re advertising to people who want to see ads!

Why would anyone want to view ads, you ask? There are several reasons, but most importantly – we believe people like discovering new places to shop. Shoppers want to be inspired for their next purchase, and want to discover new brands, styles, and promotions. Consumers are very particular when they view ads, but they do it often. We believe our team can take consumer advertising experiences to new levels, and we want you to join us!

Our mission is to create a place where people love advertising. For us this means creating consumer orientated advertising experiences that put window shoppers first. As consumers browse advertisements on our website, they control the advertisements they see. Giving control to shoppers ensures they’re seeing only what they’re interested in and creates a fully engaged audience.

Ultimately, our users are engaged shoppers searching for something new – so don’t be left out!


  • Advertise to engaged audiences – shoppers who want to view ads!
  • Drive awareness to self-targeted audiences
  • Gain additional leverage from online advertisement creative
  • Inform shoppers about new brands, launches, and promotions
  • Increase your business’s social media following
  • Quality Advertiser Review: Curated advertisers and advertisements
  • Premium ‘Featured’ Advertiser – Custom Advertising Opportunities


  • Quality Advertiser Review: Curated advertisers and advertisements
  • Fast, easy shopping discovery
  • Custom Shopping Categories – Themes, Holidays, Places
  • AdSurfr Info Search: details on brands, products, and promotions
  • User-controlled advertisement search
  • AdSurfr Sprees & Splurges

Advertising Opportunities

  • To simplify the advertising experience we only offer standard IAB banner sizes:
    • Medium Rectangle (300x250)
    • Half Page (300x600)
    • Leaderboard (728x90)
    • Skyscraper (160x600)
  • Premium ‘Featured’ Advertiser – Custom Advertising Opportunities
  • Contact us for more details

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